The Best Way to be Financialy Free is to Be Your Own Boss

  There is nothing better than working for yourself, setting your own schedule, and controlling your own financial situation. We can do very little about the world's economy but we can do a great deal about our own personal economy. Building your own business you will position yourself in the driver seat controling your financial picture and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest with those you love. No job or government program will give you the same result.

Take Control of Your Finances

Would you like to learn more on how to take control of your finances and really live a life of true freedom? Do you want to know how to get out of debt fast and to break free from the corrupt financial system?  If we stop funding the banks they won't have power over our lives. Imagine having no debt obligations and enough money to invest in those big dreams that you have always wished you could have done. You do not have to stay trapped in a flawed system of financial bondage. There is a better way to live. Get started today.


Celebrate Life

I made this video to document a sweet memory of spending time with my husband. We need to celebrate the moments in our life and live each day to the fullest. Does the life you live offer you the opportunity to savour the moments with those you love or are you a slave to the job just trying to make ends meet? If you are tired of being a slave to the job and want to really enjoy a comfortable retirement fill in the opt-in box on this page to learn how to begin your journey to financial freedom.


Financial Struggles

With today's economic ills most families are hard pressed to survive financialy on one paycheck alone. Many a mother has tried the working place and found the struggle of balancing job, family and home responsibilities stressful to say the least. Even men with good paying jobs are struggling to make ends meet in todays economy and the ones that are doing well financialy are so busy working they have little or no time to spend with the family they work so hard to support. This delima has led to a growing trend to flee the day job returning back to the homefront and establishing a work at home business. For many of them the internet has proven to be their best income generating avenue.


In One Year We Have Reduced Our Debt 54%

Crusing Crusing in Bahamas
Our 28th Anniversary Cruise 
Touring the Bahamas 

We are on the path to financial freedom



The First Steps to Financial Freedom is to Get Out of Debt

As long as you remain in debt you will never be truly free. Your debt is the thing that keeps you under the control of the banks and the financial system which prevents you from living the life you can only dream of. You need to stop adding to the debt and work diligently and systematically in paying off all your debts. Our system will guide you in that process. You may think it is impossible for you to ever live debt free because you currently have credit debt, auto loans and a big mortgage. Our system will teach you how to take control of your financial state while building your own business. It is possible to reach a dept free status even with a modest income but the process will be excelerated if you have your own business. Start imagining your life with no debt tying you down, limiting your choices, and preventing you from pursuing the bigger goals you desire for your life such as investments, travel, and retirement.


"Money is a useful tool for a wise and disciplined person or a hard taskmaster if you don't know how to manage it." 

                                                                                                            ~ Debra Carmona


Average Family Spends 20% More Than They Ever Plan To

Most people fail because they did not have a plan established in the first place. They did not plan to fail, they just failed to plan. Setting up a household budget and sticking to the plan takes hard work, discipline and the right mind set to be successful. Our system will help transform your mindset. Here is an old adage that simplifies life "If you don't have the cash for it, don't buy it, and "Don't buy it if it was not in your plan to buy it." I wonder how many of you reading this has an attic, closet, or a garage full of stuff you bought that you are not even using right now. And I wonder how long it has been sitting there collecting dust. Just think if only you would of saved the money you spent on all that useless stuff think of the vacation you could have had. We all will do a much better job with our time and resources if we planned our purchases then our vacations would become real instead of false hopes and empty dreams.



You Only Live Once

husband & I husband & I
I like traveling and taking cruises
It is refreshing to be able to get away 

So Make the Most of It


The Debt to Income Ratio should be no more than 35% Debt to 65% Income

Do not let financial troubles destroy your marriage. It is a proven fact that financial troubles is a leading cause of divorce. The strain and stress of financial troubles is a home wrecking ball. When the pressure become too great many people are led to do the unthinkable, even good people. If you are saying, "That would not happen to me." Then you are even more vulnerable than you think you are because your guard is down. We are all capable of any kind of evil. The following is a list of the results of many who have come to a place where they just could not see their way through a financial hurdle.

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Divorce
  • Suicide

Cut up the Cards

Cut up the Credit Cards
Credit card debt has contributed to the budget busting problem. Easy to get credit cards has offered us the convenience to be indulgent so we can keep up with the Jones's. We live in an instant gratification society. We want it and we want it right now. Such living leads to a host of ill behaviors.

You Know Your in Financial Trouble IF . . .

  1. You don't know how much you owe or you just don't want to add it up
  2. You don't pay off your credit cards each month
  3. You have asked for an increase in your credit limit
  4. You have added more credit cards to your collection
  5. You use one credit card to pay off another credit card
  6. You only pay the interest on your loans
  7. You post date a check or write bad checks
  8. You don't have a savings plan, or an investing plan, that you regularly contribute into from each paycheck
  9. You don't have a retirement plan
  10. You don't have life insurance
  11. You spend more than 25% of your monthly income on your house payment
  12. You are more than one month behind on any one bill
  13. You are considering filing for bankruptcy
  14. You do not have health insurance
  15. You can't remember the last time you took a vacation
  16. You use credit cards to buy Christmas gifts instead of cash

"The Bank of the United States  . . .  is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution"

                                                                                                                      ~ Thomas Jefferson

The economy is not the problem. The economy just revealed the debt problem.

Spending Money

To be debt free is to know true freedom. The borrower is servant to the lender. One cannot be truly free until he is no longer indebted to anyone. The financial system is designed to keep you financially strapped with no hope of getting out from under it. There is no such thing as good debt. It has been promoted that an appreciating asset such as home ownership is a good debt. Well that is a lie of the financial banking world to convince you to buy into a long term financial obligation such as a home.  

Do you realize that if you mortage a home and take thirty years to pay it off you will have paid for that house almost three times over. Think of what you could have done with all that cash you are so willingly surrendering over to your banking institution. You could have bought a second home and turned one of them into a cash flow business as a rental home.

Owning a home by traditional means is highly overrated and can become a financial trap if it is heavily mortgaged. Years ago it was common practice to pay a twenty percent down payment when purchasing a home. Over the years banking practices eased up and allowed purchases with little or no money down. Since this posed a greater risk to bankers they instituted the Prime Mortgage Insurance P.M.I. insurance to protect the bank in case you default on your loan. But guess who gets to pay for it? You guessed it the sucker, the home owner. Anyone with less than 20% equity of the home value is stuck paying for insurance to protect the banks backside. Do you think that is doing you any favors? It is making the banks richer and you poorer. I am still rying to figure out how that realy works because if you default on your home it will still go into foreclosure and the bank will add on another 20K - 30K to the balance remaining. Many people have found themselves upsidedown with the home mortgage crisis. Their home is worth far less today than what they paid for it, a fabricated delima. One hundred million people in America lost their homes to forclosures in 2010 and they expect that to be five times as much in 2011.



Reclaim Your Freedom

husband & I

husband & I

My Honey and I Cruising

And Enjoy Life

Journey to Financial Freedom

I have decided that I want no part of business as usual. I am on a mission to inspire and empower people to live free with financial freedom. I am working my way out of the financial system that others control and am building my own empire of freedom. Are you ready to become strategically empowered to break free from the culture of manipulation and indebtedness to an environment of real freedom and wealth-building? That journey begins here.



Yes!! I'm Ready to Live a Debt Free Life and Learn How to Create Real Wealth ... Even During A Recession!

Debra Carmona

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