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My husband has worked all his life to provide for our large family sometimes even working two jobs. He retired 2000 from the United States Air Force and is now working on his second career. I have been a devoted stay-at-home mother for twenty-eight plus years raising six fine children. Family has always been a huge priority in our lives because children only grow up once. We did not want to miss any part of our children's lives. As our children are leaving the nest with college, jobs and careers and our retirement years are closer than we want to realise. I decided to work on a plan to build a comfortable retirement for my husband and I. We both deserve a break and we want to be free to travel and to build something that we can pass onto our children. Through the years we have devoted all our energies and financial resources into providing for, teaching, and training our children in preparation for their future independance.


Hope for Baby Boomers

As one of 76 million baby boomers I do not expect Social Security to take care of us in our twighlight years. We will be lucky IF we even see anything from a bankrupt system. So, my husband and I are forging a new future for ourselves because we know that there is nobody that we can depend on but ourselves. The government has no solutions to offer nor will the politicians. It's up to us to fend for ourselves. We cannot do much about the economy at large but there is alot we can with our own personal economy. Life is too short to settle for less.


The Internet has changed the way business is done. Most of the successful businesses today are turning to the Internet to establish and build their business. When my small private business became so big that the demand was more than I alone could fullfill I started looking into the Internet to see how I could maximize my time and my resources to increase my income. My search presented me with multiple opportunities. I tested out several companies until I settled on the one that had the best success record, with some awesome people to work with, a great support system, plus professional training in all the marketing skill sets I lacked so that I could position myself for success. The internet is a great place to meet new people and get your business in front of thousands of people globaly who are ready to find that right business opportunity. We are an Internet marketing business with some great options and the best part is you can start earning while you are still learning the business. I have been so impressed with the high quality people within my company and how generous they are with helping others to acheive their success. It really is a winning partnership.

What do you see on your horizon? or what do you wish to be on your horizon? Do you want Freedom? Time? Travel? Investments? Retirement? We would love to connect with you and help you realize and fullfill your dreams and goals.

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